About Subtenko

Creativity is a must for me, I’m a power house. You must understand, I do many things so you could be here for business, music, video, etc. If you are here for music, what I do in my videos is simply what I do for my videos. I’m not gonna make tons of sites for every single thing I do, so find and contact me about the right things 🙂


Being involved with music since about age 9 I’ve been progressing quite nicely considering all that I do. There have been pitfalls and learning experiences that I treasure to make me the musical composer that I am today. While I’m not a Hans Zimmer at the moment, there’s a ton of work that’s going on in the background. Electronic music is my forte but I’m been making cinematic works as well.



I love video, and I’m one of the lucky early adopters of YouTube where I got to boost my creativity and share it with the world. Cinematography coupled with post editing is a beautiful thing. Remember thoughts pitfalls I mentioned in the music section? Welp, in about 2008 or so, when YouTube policies where different, my channel got taken down without any chance to make it right (MTV sound clip upload pretty much got all my video uploads demolished, and I made no backups back then…). But I got back up, and while I lost the momentum I’ve been growing more and getting back into the online video community within the internet.


While I’m more of a video person than photo, I of course very much enjoy photography. Touching up photos is great. In-software photo taking is pretty awesome too; I’m talking videogame wise and 3D modeling stills with software like Blender.

Thoughts & Ideas

This is where the ideas start, my thoughts. In the not too distant future this is where my plans come together. This is where I’ve occasionally spoken out or shared some ideas with the world and have gotten my fair share of kudos for it. This is where it all starts really. Yes, I’m being intentionally vague on this part because I want things to get to a certain point, THEN I’ll be saying “Oh yea, by the way, that was me, that, that too, and that, plus that”. I’m big on innovating, its just a matter of how I tackle it 🙂