PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sold out soon

The day after E3 I decided to calling my local Gamestop in the morning. I asked if they were doing pre-orders for the PS4 and Xbox One yet and they in fact were. So I was wondering how many pre-orders that had already and how many were left. They employee told me that they were going to sell out in a matter of hours. “I’ll be there in 5 minutes” I told him.

I drove to my GameStop like I was in 4th place in Gran Turismo 5 on the last lap on Nurburgring! As I opened the door, there were hundreds of people inside of the store! In a matter of seconds I then somehow snapped back from what seemed to be some kind of Bioshock Infinite-like foreshadowing. I was the only one in the store and successfully secured my pre-order.

Due to the fact of all the restrictions on the Xbox One, I couldn’t help but wondering how the public reception was towards in via pre-orders. Xbox One pre-orders already sold out. That’s right, the people pre-ording already know what they are getting in to and don’t care or some of them don’t know about all of it’s features.

This time around, unlike last gen, I think GameStop employees will be focusing on the PS4 more as their primary console of choice. You know how you always call and they always will mention the Xbox 360 in some way or form? “Welcome to GameStop where you can buy Battlefield 3 on the Xbox360″ [Even though it's on PS3 too..]. Or, “Welcome to GameStop where you can pre-order Killzone Mercenary’s on the Xbox360″ [Game isn't even on the Xbox360 it's an exclusive!]. They might as well say welcome to GameStop, PS3 sucks, now what Xbox game would you like to buy today?

The tables will finally turn a full 360 degrees around this time! Then again if it’s a plan table you wouldn’t realize it’s be turned 360 degrees around, unless Microsoft put’s money on the table.

Point is, if you want a next gen console that isn’t the WiiU, go pre-order now! Both will sellout and although different areas may have different fanboys, I think overall the PS4 demand will be hard to meet. If you have any tips for people to get their hands on a next-gen console and how to prepare for it, let everyone know in the comments below. Tell us how your past experience went with the PS3 and Xbox360 launch.

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